Programmes / Cources

The Institute for Disability Innovation offers the following merSETA Skills Training Course annually:

Vehicle Service Person – SP 0542/11-17

Unit Standards (US) for this Skills Programme are as follows:

US Title
NLRD13220 Keep the Workers Safe and Productive
NLRD15123 Select and Use Vehicle Lifting Equipment
NLRD12219 Select, Use and Care for Engineering Power Tools
NLRD260719 Carry Out an Automotive Service
NLRD253440 Assemble Mechanical Components
NLRD253425 Repair Internal Combustion Engines
NLRD244056 Understand the Fundamentals of Engine Technology
NLRD119744 Select, Use and Care for Engineering Hand Tools
NLRD119750 Inspect and Lubricate an Automotive System

No enrolment fee is required.


Admission Criteria for Skills Training Programme:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • South African ID Document
  • Minimum level of education for the Skills Programme is Grade 9
  • Must complete a relevant competency test
  • Must live in Northern Cape