Values Statement


The Institute for Disability Innovation believes in skills training and community development and has committed itself to the following values statements:

  • Identify, plan, organise and implement various necessary community development projects.
  • Implementation of educational training programmes.
  • Taking care of vulnerable babies, toddlers and children as well as persons challenged with learning and physical disabilities.
  • Work closely with the various government departments in order to make a difference in the daily lives of the community on an on-going basis.
  • Development of training aids such as manuals and handbooks.


The Institute has good knowledge of:

  • training methodologies
  • learning management systems
  • competency assessments
  • keeping of records and documentation


  • facilitation skills
  • networking between local governments
  • problem analysis and problem solving
  • adaptable

    The establishment of a training body which will continually provide in the specific identified social and educational needs of the community, youth, and persons challenged with physical disabilities.


    The Institute for Disability Innovation is a leader and partner in creating meaningful learning experiences that foster and celebrate academic and personal development, through skills training and the implementation of community projects. This will ensure that the Institute makes a difference in every person’s needs, develops their full potential and improves the quality of their daily lives.