Community Care Carnarvon

The Institute for Disability Innovation (IDI) believe in a community who care for each other. A caring community is a healthy community. The Institute committed itself primarily in community development and care through the implementation of projects and it also offers skills training courses in order to combat unemployment. The Institute is currently busy with the following community projects:

Primary School Carnarvon:

IDI offers critical services such as caring for children in need of care and protection and also assists the school in supplying school uniforms and sport clothing as well as providing educational material to the learners. The Institute is in process of implementing a reading project for learners from Grades 1 – 3 for the year 2017. IDI runs this project solely through donations and volunteers. Our donors are mainly outside Carnarvon (Western Cape and Gauteng), due to the high unemployment rate in Carnarvon.

South African Police Service - Place of Care Project:

This project’s services include the daily functioning of a place of care, established by IDI, in the best interest of babies / children from birth – 3 years in accordance with the Children’s Act Nr 38 of 2005, Article 9 – Child who needs care and protection. Babies and children are removed from their harmful circumstances through legal processes and by SAPS and brought to the place of care where they are protected from abuse, discrimination and any other physical, emotional and moral harm or danger. This initiative brings care, hope, peace and protection to our community’s vulnerable babies and children. This project is financially sponsored by Asibambane Caretakers in Carnarvon.

Department of Social Development – Support Group for Pregnant Women:

IDI and Social Development are striving to remedy the social ills that are rife in our community. Together they concentrate especially on the wellness of pregnant women in order to prevent foetal alcohol syndrome births, which led to the establishment of a support group for pregnant women. IDI compiled a guide for pregnant women for the prevention of foetal alcohol syndrome births. This project really does have some huge challenges! Project is sponsored by Asibambane Caretakers.

Carnarvon High School Skills Training project:

IDI implemented a skills training project at the school. This project forms part of the Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners’ curriculum. IDI offers arts and crafts as well as needlework skills training. This project is very successful and is fully sponsored financially by Asibambane Caretakers. Facilitators are members of the community.

Clothing drive project:

Throughout the year, IDI identified needy households in Bonteheuwel, De Aar camp and Die Bult, where they provide mainly nappies, educational toys, milk, clothes and school uniforms for babies, toddlers and young children. IDI continuously collects items as needed.

Carnarvon Members Soup Kitchen:

IDI has been part of this project from 1st December 2016, because they are looking for a project manager with a financial track record of good standing who can manage the project. IDI takes care of the project’s administration and budget; funds are raised by members of the community.